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Melanie Watts Mosaics      (UK) 07760820264

Mosaic & Sculpture Gallery

Working in beautiful, sumptuous materials I create individul pieces of mosaic art for your indoor or outdoor walls, flooring, and 3D sculptural Mosaic.

Italian and Mexican millefiori, fused dichroic glass, porcelain, stained glass, stone are just some of the gorgeous materials added to my work to enhance the mosaic art work, bringing forth the beauty of the subject matter. My mosaics are extremely eye catching and keep the attention of the viewer - making my mosaics stand out from the crowd.

Specialist board and exterior adhesive, grout and sealant is used for outdoor mosaic wallhangings to extend longevity for wall hangings and 3D work:

3D Mosaic is created using clay as a base (if on a small scale) fired to a high temperature and therefore suitable for outdoor use, which is then mosaiced.  Larger 3D work is carved in polystyrene and covered in cement, then mosaiced - all suitable for outdoor use.

Please contact me to discuss any ideas for Public comission work and personal comissions.  All ideas are warmly welcomed.

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