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Melanie Watts Mosaics      (UK) 07760820264

About Melanie

Melanie has worked as a Professional Artist for 25 years, and from her Mosaic studio in Buckinghamshire UK where she creates stunning Public Art Mosaic in 2D Mosaic and 3D sculptural Mosaic.  She works to commission throughout the UK and internationally.  

In January Melanie completed a major Public Art project alongside 60 International and 20 Chilean artists, decorating the Town Hall in Puente Alto in Santiago, with a stunning Mosaic based on the flora and fauna of Chile. 

She has recentely completed a beautiful Sunflower Mosaic commission for the brilliant TV show hosted by Alan Titchmarsh, 'Love Your Garden', see TV show tab for photographs of the stunning artwork.

After completing a BA in Textile Design, Melanie worked as a full time studio designer where she hand drew and painted wallcoverings and fabrics for a global market, often working to strict briefs as well as developing new contempory artwork. From here, the Artist set up her own business, creating sculptural and textural pieces of art as well as 2D and 3D Mosaic Art,

Each Friday Melanie holds a Mosaic art workshop for a group of profoundly disabled young people and adults, some of whom have emotional difficulties too.  The charity is called "Me Myself and I".   The students benefit from a morning of art, music and relaxation classes which are highly therapeutic and fun, enabling people to relax and for their brains to move away from pain and/or trauma for a while.  Melanie is a qualified adult education tutor with training from Bucks County Council to work with people with various disabilities, and often works with schools and community groups creating Mosaic art.  See School and Community mosaic tab. 


Mosaics are designed specifically for the customer to suit individual tastes, and clients may select from an array of beautiful materials to suit thier preferences.  Mosaics can range from beautiful portraits, in or outdoor flooring (all materials are weather resistant, slip and frost proof etc). 

Garden Mosaic stools, Mosaic sculpture, decorative Mosaic panels, and logos and banners for business are all possible.

Melanie is a versatile Artist and will ensure your dream piece of Art is created.  Mosaic lasts for centuries and customers love the sumptuous materials that can be used in their Mosaic Art. Easy to clean, these beauties will outlive us all, and are something for future generations to treasure !

Mosaic can be produced in contempory and traditional styles in 2 and 3D, and are extremely hardy for outdoor use. Materials are fade resistant, colourful, and can be cleaned up - unlike painted murals which makes Mosaic a fantastic option for Public Art.   Colours can be striking or subtle dependant on colour selections and choice of Materials for your Mosaic...unlike alot of public art which often fades into the background in dreary colours or metals.  Mosaic holds the attention of the viewer, can involve the community, and looks absolutely stunning !  Stone, stained glass, Italian Orsoni smalti glass, Italian millefiore, glass fusions, gold and silver smalti, unglazed porcelain...just some of the options that can be used to create your bespoke Mosaic - and different materials can be used in one Mosaic to add something special !

Melanie creates a beautifully drawn design for your initial Mosaic, making the work strong from the very start.  Take this, plus her eye for and love of colour and theuse of unique materials, you are guaranteed a dazzlingly beautiful piece of Mosaic. Customers comment that Melanie's work captures the viewers attention, and holds it.  Also that it lifts the spirits and is something to be visited again and again. 


Melanie is successfully selling Mosaic Art to collectors around the world via her website and facebook, and continues to do public art projects within the UK community.  Her work had been in various Mosaic and Fine art publications including Brit Hammers bestseller BREAKOUT!  Your Pathway to Success in 2010, and in June 2013 Melanie had 28 pages of her Mosaic published in a new book called Mosaic Masterclass, where Melanie drew, hand built in clay, then moaicked, a stunning 3D Mosaic starfish called "Embellished".  Melanie took her own work in progress photographs at every stage of the creation of "Embellished" and wrote detailed accounts of the thought processes as well as the creative processes involved in creating the stunning piece of Mosaic Art.  See Gallery tab for the Embellished Starfish image.

Melanie has trained with renown artists such as Helen Slater in 2009 to create glass fusions in her work and the Artist incorporates mixed media in her Mosaic which makes her work stand out in a crowd, particularly loving stone and specialist glasses mixed within one Mosaic.  She regularly meets and works with other Artists around the UK whose work she admires, to inspire herself further and to feed her passion for Art.  She exhibits regularly and promotes BAMM (British Association of Modern Mosaic) in the UK, attending the yearly agm and promoting Mosaic via social networking sights.

Melanie exhibited at the Roman Palace n Chichester previously with BAMM, and met Oliver Budd who admires Melanie's work, encouraging the Artist to further her career via various training courses and mentorship.  Melanie is applying for a Scholarship to further her knowledge and technical skills within the field of Mosaic, thus enabling her greater opportunities in portraiture and public art.

Please contact Melanie to discuss an exciting, colourful and stunning Mosaic - all ideas are welcomed !

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  1. wendy Lewis avatar
    wendy Lewis Dec 6, 2012


    I am currently doing a sculpure class with Beatrice Hoffman. I plan to do a Bull’s head after Christmas, and would like to add a mosaic to it, however, I have not done this before, and would be interested in any tuition or workshops that you may offer. It will be made out of clay. I live near Towcester.

    i look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Best wishes,

    Wendy Lewis

  2. Pete  Helen Watts avatar
    Pete Helen Watts Jan 8, 2013

    Hi Mel
    After seeing your xmas card that you gave us we looked up your site and we think that they are all stunning. We will keep a look out for new pieces.