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Melanie Watts Mosaics      (UK) 07760820264

Beautiful Bodies mosaics

This group mosaics is a series of fine art that celebrates the beauty of our human form. Sensuous, voluptuous, smooth, curved, round, striking, delicate, strong...a celebration of women !

The mosaic art is created in a range of materials from stone, which is waxed and polished, to marble, glass and Italian smalti and millefeori, and fused glass (see Sleeping Beauties commission).  All cultures will be celebrated in this work over time, and as the series goes on, Melanie will create a mix of stunning Mosaics to celebrate the diversity of the many cultures living together in the UK.

Would you like a mosaic of yourself, or of a family member or friend?  A mosaic that you or a loved one will cherish for life...

A photoshoot can be arranged for you...be it yourself draped in fine cloth in a semi nude pose, or sitting with familiar items in your home. Places you have visited can also be mosaiced into a stunning image you can view daily in your home or given as an amazing gift.

Melanie will mosaic any image you love, with stunning materials of your choice - hand cut glass, porcelain, Italian smalti, stone, fused glass?  Mosaics last for thousands of years so this is a real treasure to keep - you will own a bespoke piece of art.

Modern and traditional mosaics are available in a range of mosaic styles... Art deco, Art Nouveau, clothed or semi nude, at work, in the garden, participating in a sport - the choice is endless...with stunning results captured by Melanie. Call Melanie to discuss this wonderful and unique experience today!

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