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Mosaic for Charity !

Teds Gang

Each year I create Mosaics which are auctioned for good causes, one of which is Teds Gang:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/59332569968/

Ted has a rare condition, so if you can help in anyway please do.  More information about the charity Teds Gang is on the facebook link below.

This year (2014) I have sent a call out to artists and makers to create a 10cm x 10 cm piece of art (or larger if you prefer, any size ok if you have the time), which will be auctioned to raise further funds.  All money goes to research and education into his rare condition.  Please see this link and get involved. 


Mosaic and arty people ! This is a wonderful project to raise money for research, for a little boy called Ted...

Ted is a lovely little boy that goes to my daughters school. His family and lots of brilliant people in Stony Stratford are involved in TEDS GANG, a charity to raise funds for research and education int...o his rare illness 'Shwachman Diamond Syndrome'. More information is below.

If people could kindly make a small Mosaic, painting, or a photo, to raise funds for Ted and this very worthy cause...please add your name below...a guideline for size due to limited time, is 10cm x 10cm, but you are welcome to make it bigger or smaller in any size if you wish.

Your piece will be photographed and put on the auction leaflet with your details, and your name and photo on facebook.

Your piece will be auctioned to raise money to help research that will help Ted and others...

Please send your Mosaic, painting, mixed media piece, or photograph,and post to Melanie (currently moving studios, new address posted soon).


We are a registered charity (reg number 1131769) set up to raise awareness of and research funding for Shwachman Diamond Syndrome.

We are called Ted's Gang because we all love a boy called Ted and he has Shwachman Diamond Syndrome (SDS).

But none of the money goes to Ted - it all goes to research and education.

Shwachman Diamond Syndrome is an inherited genetic condition that affects digestion, growth, immunity, bone marrow, teeth, skeletal development and a few other things besides. About 30% of those with SDS go on to develop AML, the worst kind of leukaemia.

It is very rare, there are about 60 people diagnosed with SDS in the UK - about one in a million. There are probably lots more struggling with the symptoms without a diagnosis and raising awareness amongst doctors is one of our main aims.

Our fundraising tactics are as fun as possible, we have Cheesy Knees Ups, people do mad things and get sponsored for it, we have stalls, raffles and fun days.

Ted's Gang is open to anyone, if you'd like to join in a fundraising event, find out more about Shwachman Diamond Syndrome or help in anyway we'd love you to get in touch.


Please do get in touch if you want to help in any way, Teds Gang and myself would love to hear from you !

Weekly Art, music and relaxation sessions, for well being !

I volunteer with a group each week where adults can come in and enjoy a morning of art, music and relaxation.  The adults using our service have a range of abilities and we cater for everyone.  Some students are autistic, visually and hearing impaired, wheelchair users, and some have emotional difficulties.  We make sure there are activities to suit everybodys needs. 

Please contact me on the contact tab if you would like to volunteer or contribute in any way as this is an amazing group and we use mosaic, crafts, music and relaxation to enable everyone to go away feeling relaxed and happy. 


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